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What are these tiny bumps that are on my female dogs anal area?
Both of my min-pin female dogs have suddenly developed numerous bumps on their anal area, as well as their abdomen. They are dragging their bellies on the rug, and their bottoms are becoming inflamed from them licking at it. What could be the problem that "both" dogs have this problem at the same time?
they could be fleas or other parasites
Does anal sex is good for health and what is the trick to do it first time as the hole is very very tiny?
This is really needed as i am on vacation with girl friend and she is on periods so is this ok in periods
Hi Brandon
good for who's health?
ok you will need some lube (circumcised or not)
ky jell is good
next she will need to be relaxed (and WILLING)
she will need to relax the stomach muscles as this lets the rectum (bum hole) relax and she will have to try and stay that way
for your part enter slowly and if she says stop
IT MEANS STOP respect her wishes it's not easy the first time
especially if your circumcised

go careful and have fun

Dawn XX
A lump around my anal area! It doesn't hurt though, and it's really tiny.. Anything to be alarmed?
Alright, the fiber intake in my diet sucks! And I do have difficulty in bowel movement once in a while.. But recently, I felt some lump like thing on my anal area.. Not really the anus, but the butt skin surrounding it.. The lump is really small and doesn't hurt even on touching.. It looks like a skin tag actually.. Anyone knows what's going on? THANKS!
See your doctor - don't be embarrassed, they are trained for and used to dealing with this kind of thing.
Lymph nodes swollen and very tiny lump just inside anal opening, what is this?
Hi A long time ago maybe six years, i couldnt sleep on my left side for about a year. i would always wake up with pain just under my nipple and armpit and breathing in too deeply hurt. this stopped but now i have swollen lymph nodes all throughout my body; under chin, neck, armpits, elbows, groin, and ankles that i could feel. all under a inch but more than a centimeter, firm and tender. they have stayed that way for over a year now. also six months ago i noticed a very small, less than a millimeter sized lump inside my anus about a inch away from my anal opening. I have had anal warts before and they were treated five years ago and i havent had symptoms since. Other than the swollen nodes and this anal lump i sometimes get a sharp pain that goes from behind my bladder down to my rectum. this occurs once every two months or so for about two days then its gone. I do smoke cigarettes daily and drink alcohol(beer) maybe every other other day. can anybody help me?
The most common cause of swollen lymph nodes is when there is some sort of infection in the body. However, as they have been there for a long time, you need to go to see your doctor and have this investigated. They will probably need to run some blood tests initially and they see what the results are before they decide what to do next.

All the best
My cat has 2 tiny holes near his anal?
His about 10 or so years old. Hes a Short hair tabby cat. There are these two white hole on both sides of his Anal. And there is this liquid coming out of it but not like puss its almost like water but has a yellow tint to it. The hole stick out too and hes been licking at them a lot. But it doesnt seem to hurt to put presser on them. I dont know if i should be worryed or not. Plz help and say if its bad, what it is, and if i should take him to the vet.
What you are seeing are the openings to his two anal glands.
If he's leaking the fluid that means they've become overly full. It's not a big thing, but your cat is probably very uncomfortable.
Make an appointment with the vet ASAP so he can express them & check for infection.
Your cat won't like having those glands squeezed but he'll feel much better afterwards.
What happens if you keep disrupting an anal fissure?
I am a hard wiper. I'm sorry to sound a bit gross, but each time I wipe now hard or soft it bleeds just a tiny bit. I'm pretty sure its an anal fissure, but what happens if you keep making it bleed?
I was eating pizza when I read this, now it lies spread on my living room shag carpet and also I broke my laptop and ruined my brand spanking new shoes with vomit
What are these tiny skin colored bumps on my nose? And how do I get rid of them?
Iv'e had these very tiny skin colored bumps on my nose for as long as I can remember. But lately Iv'e started to get pretty anal about my skin and I wan't to get rid of them ASAP!

I think their clogged pores so I've been using rubbing alcohol for a few days; so far I haven't seen results and I'm not even sure it it'll work. Can somebody tell me what this is and how I can remove them?
It sounds like whiteheads.

Use a gentle facial scrub to wash your nose a couple of times a week. Use a clay-based facial mask one a week. You can use it only on your nose if you wish.

Always apply Witch Hazel to your nose after washing your face.
Does a dog w/a ruptured anal gland NEED an oral antibiotic?
My tiny dog, has a ruptured anal gland. Ive treated it w/a antibiotic ointment (etc..), and she is no longer in pain. The rupture appears so MUCH better as well.
Do I still NEED to get her an oral antibiotic?
Get your pet to the vet and get the dog on some antibiotics.
This could end up with very very bad results.
You pet could end up with some type of body wide infection or infection in the blood stream.
This would be one of those things your pert needs to see the vet for.
Also from now on maybe you should be having those anal glands expressed.
Why do I bleed when I have anal sex?
He has a lot of anal sex videos and the girls in those videos never bleed, even though many of them are tiny.

I don't mind, it doesn't happen always, but when it happens I feel a little concern about it.
Here is a site I found with the run through about anal sex. I recommend lots of lube and taking it slow. You do NOT want to tear any part of your anus. The skin around there is like jello when it comes to healing. Don't believe everything you see in a porn either. They have been in that business for years, they know how to make things look. Hope this helps.

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