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Japanese Anime?
What is the best internet site out there, in your opinion, that has printable sheets on how to draw all the body parts of people in Japanese Anime. I have just started drawing anime, and I had trouble finding a good site that I can print examples or steps to drawing anime from. If you can help me, that would be great.
i started out the same as you. i couldn't draw that well and i was looking for instructional sites. after getting sites and even books, i wasn't that good at drawing the forms the professional way. i decided just to look up a bunch of pics from the animes and mangas that have the best drawing style i like. know my friends tell me i draw really well.
Japanese anime?
Is there a secret plot by the Japanese to turn everyone gay with their crappy anime?
Yes but I am not falling for it. I only watch good shows like Southpark and Family Guy.
Japanese anime?
When I listen to anime I keep hearing a phrase similar to "ka-sun-dyo"... or something like that. it sounds like it ends in "dio" but that is not Japanese. I am pretty sure i has something to do with killing or "ending it". Does anything have any ideas what it could be?
It's "ka-sun-dAyo" right?
What are you attracted to Japanese Anime and Manga?
I see many questions about Japanese Anime and Manga in Yahoo Answers.
This is is good for Japanese people because many people have interest about Japanese culture.
By the way, these are originally made for Japanese not foreigners.
What are you attracted to Japanese Anime and Manga?

Thanks in advance.
I like fictional media such as movies, books etc; can't explain why, I just find them interesting. Before I got into anime and manga I read novels about 6 hours a day (Now it's anime 6 hours a day ^_^). I prefer anime to any other media now, because, well, watching animation is so much more interesting than reading text, which would be why I like video, and anime specifically because of how well the story is done, how funny it is, etc.
What is a good japanese anime similar to Fruits Baskets that I can buy?
I don't know many japanese anime but I LOVED Fruits Baskets. Could someone recommend another Japanese anime that would be just as good. I prefer low violence and positive. Thanks.
Special A, Kaichou wa Maid-sama
How much Japanese have you learned from watching Japanese anime with English subs?
Lol I actually picked up a small vocabulary of Japanese, after watching hundreds and hundreds of episodes of different anime.

A little bit.
Probably 30 words or so.
How would one get into voice over work, dubbing Japanese anime?
I'm curious as to how you would get jobs dubbing Japanese anime in English. Do they do it in Japan, or the US? Is there an agency you would contact? Anyone know?
You should look at companies that make the shows... Viz, Funimation... etc. They will have job applications and other stuff.

Good Luck!
What is yawie in japanese anime and manga?
What is yawie in japanese anime and manga?,i think i spelt it wrong but its something to do with anime and manga?
Yaoi is a slang for homosexuality in the Japanese language. The word comes from "YAma nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi", which means "no climax, no point, no meaning"

It is commonly thought to mean "boy love" but that would be shonen-ai.

In anime, manga and fanfiction the authors are usually female.
Why do the Japanese enjoy anime with loads of really young girls?
I am sure everyone or most people have seen Japanese anime porn right? or just comics.Why do they always contain a boy who dresses or looks like a girl? and why do the girls always look like they are 12 or 10 with huge shiny eyes? and no offence always end up getting raped by adults? i am just curious please do not take offence.
Same reason why we have porns regarding rapes and nuns and teachers.

The younger the girl,the better, but too young makes it illegal, so are rapes and sex with nuns or little boys etc.

in anime, japanese people try to do what they cant (or at least afraid to) do in real life.

As u should already noticed, many japanese anime have girls with big round eyes ( most japanese have slit eyes ) and big boobs ( most japanese dont have big boobs, well most people dont actually ) because it real life it is mostly the opposite.

all the sound effects of japanese porn also are actually the opposite of real life. Most Japanese tend to be quiet and shy to make much sounds. Thats why they have so many Rabuho ( Love hotels, specifically for sex ) . Their living condition at home ( other family members, neighbours ) is not suitable for making sex freely. Their houses have very thin walls and paper doors.

How do they make japanese anime?
guyz just wondering how they make japanese anime like "naruto" "bleach" etc. are they computer generated so that the characters can move from place to place or they are hand drawn by frames to frames by using a picture editing software (photoshop).
Manga is hand-drawn. For anime, they use use a computer and CG the images.

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